Mobile Device Event Correlation Whitepaper

Why mobile device event log correlation matters

Security Information & Event Management relies solely on the ability to correlate user events to unearth potentially anomalous behavior that is indicative of cyber threat. Users generally do the same things every day at work and you need to know when they do things that are not within the norms of their general patterns of behavior.

This whitepaper will outline why you need to incorporate mobile device event logs into other log data that depicts the true story of user activity on your network and data stores.

What you will learn in this informative whitepaper:

  • The role mobile devices will play in corporate workflows in the coming years
  • Event versus Log: What we mean by "event" and what we mean by "log"
  • Why user log data is a good idea but it's not enough
  • How to turn your log data collection into actionable information through correlation

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